Elektros, Inc. (OTC:ELEK) Elektros Files Nonprovisional Application to Complete Full Patent for Multi-Port Charging Assembly

The company announced it has filed a nonprovisional utility patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the Multi-Port Charging Assembly Technology for electric vehicles. The company worked closely with a renowned law firm out of Brickell, FL that is well-versed in the utility patent approval process within the USPTO. This nonprovisional application brings the technology out of the initial patent pending from 2021 and is the next step forward in completing the patent to advance the technology before other competitors such as Tesla, Inc. step in.

The powerful Multi-Port Charging Assembly allows consumers to use multiple charging features at once in an electric vehicle - an asset that EV manufacturers are already searching for to please consumers.

A nonprovisional patent application is normally considered a regular utility patent application. After filing a nonprovisional application with the USPTO, the utility application is examined and will be granted if it meets the requirements set forth. The patent expires approximately 20 years after the nonprovisional application is filed.

Elektros looks forward to completing the full patent and providing consumers with revolutionary technology that will be in high demand across all electric vehicle manufacturers.